Strategic Partnership with BDO UK LLP

Announcement from BDO UK LLP

Working with our clients, we have observed many struggle with successfully implementing their strategies. In fact, extensive research has established that over 70% of organisations that claim to have good strategies fail to deliver the desired results. The research also identified strategy execution as the single most significant barrier to success. That is why we are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with The Leadership Gallery (TLG) to strengthen our consulting capabilities and data on the above challenge.

The Leadership Gallery, a group of business leaders with long and diverse experience at the highest levels, has built a suite of Diagnostic Tools that enable organisations to understand precisely what the impediments to successful strategy execution are, by:

  • Examining how robust the assumptions are upon which their strategy rests.
  • Exploring how resilient the strategy would be if some of these assumptions are not realised.
  • Identifying how ready the organisation is to execute its strategy.

The combination of BDO sector expertise and the TLG data-driven approach gives us a differentiating proposition. TLG’s diagnostic suite, Align+Ⓡ has been used globally across organisations in a number of sectors, for both commercial and not-for-profit organisations and has been widely appreciated for the non-disruptive, quick manner in which it enables organisations to:

  • Get to the core issues that could block or derail successful strategy execution.
  • Identify how aligned the team is around the strategy and use the Align+Ⓡ ‘Alignment Index’ measured over time, to test whether alignment has improved.
  • Identify whether the skills, processes, systems, reward mechanisms and culture are sufficiently future-facing and sustainable.

Speaking on the strategic partnership, Zsolt Szelecki (Head of BDO People Advisory Services) says: “BDO and TLG combine their deep-seated expertise to ensure organisations stay on track and deliver the strategy they have promised to their board, customers, stakeholders and employees. We are excited to bring this new and differentiating capability to our clients.”