2021 The Year for Leadership?

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Let’s put 2020 behind us and ask what is the role of leadership in 2021? Here are some thoughts for us all:
– World leaders must support each other to help all countries accelerate out of the pandemic
– World leaders must adjust quickly to their new counterparts in some of the worlds’ largest economies i.e., USA and Germany
– UK & EU leaders must navigate their businesses to mutual and sustained success following Brexit
– Leaders must apply sustained energy in a productive way behind important global matters of social justice, like BLM
– Leaders need to take ownership for critical matters of environmental importance before it’s too late for the planet
– Business leaders must steer their businesses to success post Covid-19
– Business leaders need to (continue to) recognise and respond to the acceleration of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 and its impact on the way we all work
– Business leaders need to remember that it is only possible to be successful through the endeavours of an engaged workforce

2021 is the year for leaders to demonstrate ‘perspective, agility and impact’. 2021 is the year for real leadership.