A viable job?

I think for many businesses the Chancellor’s announcement yesterday of the Job Support Scheme was probably seen as a positive initiative, but it has once again prompted a flurry of concern about interpretation, this time about ‘what is a viable job’.

ITV’s political editor Robert Peston, interpreted this to mean: “Businesses facing depressed revenues can choose to keep people on books so long as they work a third of normal hours, as alternative to redundancy, with government topping up wages significantly…’’ The Liverpool Echo has consequently interpreted a viable job as ‘’…one where an employee is still working in a sector that is struggling due to the pandemic’’ so ‘’…a non-viable job could be a sector of employment that has remained closed since March.’’

UK business leaders I am sure will still be doing everything they can to re-generate revenue flows and be innovative in their response to the Covd-19 crisis. Taking advantage of the Job Support Scheme is therefore an essential part of this goal, as is a review of strategic alignment. Leaders need to make sure that their organisations are set up to deliver their evolving plans. This is a key step in ensuring that more jobs remain ‘viable’.
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