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The CEO Secrets page on the BBC Business site, has two interesting profiles. Octopus Energy CEO #Greg Jackson has no HR department because he says HR adds bureaucracy and process which inhibits creativity and ownership (loved the video BTW Greg!). Spill CEO #Calvin Benton wanted to pay everyone the same salary but eventually acknowledged that ‘’…sometimes traditional practices are there for a reason and…you don’t have to reinvent the mould on everything’’. Both are interesting viewpoints – they may both be right! Re-reading the classic by Sir John Harvey Jones (1988) ‘Making it Happen’ I came across the following statement: ‘’The purpose of industry is to create wealth, it is not despite belief, to create jobs’’. Is it time to re-visit the timeless wisdom of great business leaders some of whom were more progressive and egalitarian than today’s narrative would have us believe? SJH-J believed in gender, race and nations equality, innovation, opportunity and clear processes and systems to help make things happen. So maybe the truth as he said is ‘’there are no bad troops only bad leaders’’ and it is this we need to work on?
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