How we do it


We use our proprietary tools, the Align+® diagnostic suite, to help leaders ask the tough questions surrounding their strategy and plans. This allows companies to identify with a degree of precision what elements within the organisation need to be properly aligned for the organisation to have the best chance of success. The outcome of our analysis will give leaders a  focused understanding of potential mis-alignments in capabilities (for example systems, organisation structures, processes and behaviours). Where required, we provide consulting interventions to help achieve the right alignments.


The greatest benefit to companies that work with us is the confidence that either they can proceed with conviction to deliver their plans, or proceed with precision to address the factors that are most likely to get in the way of successful execution.


We don’t design your strategy for you, we help to reassure you that your strategy and plans are robust and fit for purpose.  We will also pinpoint the areas that need work to ensure that your plans can be successfully executed.


Our versatile approach is supported by a complimentary suite of powerful tools: The Align+® diagnostic suite comprises the following diagnostic tools: Align+® Strategy, Align+® Leadership, Align+® Board, Align+® Process, Align+® Engagement, Align+® Culture,  Align+® Structure, Align+® Risk and Align+® Brexit. The use of our diagnostic tools helps to make explicit the link between business strategy and Organisational capability. We bring our expertise to these discussions and help you design and deliver responses as required.

What we do

The Leadership Gallery helps you execute your strategy by ensuring your leaders have the necessary perspective, agility and impact.

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We want your experience of working with us to be highly productive and to deliver impact

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