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We provide focused, tailored and specific expert consulting interventions, based on analysis using our unique, proprietary diagnostic tools, the Align+® diagnostic suite. We support you with our experience-based interpretations and solutions helping you deliver your business strategy.

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We work with you to determine if your strategy is robust enough to succeed, if your organisation is aligned to deliver your strategy and how to secure and sustain the capabilities needed for successful strategy execution.

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How we work with you

We want your experience of working with us to be as positive and productive as possible: we want to optimise our impact for you. We want you to feel supported yet appropriately challenged; we want you to think that we are good partners and enjoyable to work with; we want you to actively work with us to develop a shared approach to deliver what you need.

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CEO: Rob Shorrick

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Strategy and IP Director: Anish Gupta

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Business Development Director: Phil Festa

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