A Typical Assignment

In a typical client assignment we will undertake the following activities with and for you:​


  • Using our Align+® diagnostic suite we will work with you to determine if your business strategy is robust enough to succeed.
  • We will help you determine if there are potential weaknesses and mis-alignments between your Organisation and your strategy and if so, where these are related to capabilities, leadership, systems, processes, structures, risk and culture
  • Define the high level leader capabilities you need to execute your strategy effectively


  • Determine how to bridge the gap between your current capabilities and the capabilities required to execute your strategy at individual,  team and Organisation level​


Work with you to develop and deliver specific, focussed interventions for individuals, teams or the whole leadership cadre to develop full capability to execute your strategy. For example:

  • Strategic review and Organisation alignment programmes
  • Change and Organisational transformation
  • Employee engagement and alignment
  • Leadership and Organisation capability development programmes
  • Board, executive team and broader leadership team development
  • Collaborative learning programmes


  • Build an ongoing evaluation framework to track return on your expectation

What we do

The Leadership Gallery helps you execute your strategy by ensuring your leaders have the necessary perspective, agility and impact.

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